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You might be attempting to fool the law enforcement department personnel by driving your car at more than the highest acceptable speed on a particular stretch of road as there are no officials in sight. However, be prepared for a nasty shock when you receive a speeding ticket via your mobile in a couple of minutes. Unknown to you, the police have many speed detectors installed on the streets and highways that check passing vehicles for their speed while the vehicle is traversing through a particular stretch of road. If the vehicle exceeds the stated speed, a close circuit television camera takes a photograph of the number plate of the offending vehicle, following which the police department sends a ticket to the mobile of the owner of the vehicle under whose name that number plate is registered. However, there are certain gadgets working using different methods that can help you fool these speed detecting machines. For example, the radar-based system sends a scrambled signal to the police speed gun. This makes it virtually impossible for their system to identify the number of your vehicle. The laser (light emission through simulated emission of radiation) detector can detect the laser frequency of the speed gun used by the police and warn you in advance that a speed detector is ahead of you. This allows you to slow down the speed of your vehicle, and increase its speed once your car has passed the detector. You can use these devices for fun purposes too.

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Other fun tools

You can install a GPS based system on the roof of your vehicle. This will allow your friends and relatives to track the exact location of your car through the coordinates beamed through your GPS system to the GPS system installed on their smartphones. This comes in handy if you are involved in an accident, as your friends can easily determine your precise location through the global positioning system. You should also install safety camera systems in your automobile. It can detect dangers lying ahead that your eye cannot see and warn you in advance. These cameras also help you when you are reversing your vehicle by showing objects lying just behind your car, ensuring that you do not clash with it while reversing your automobile. It is a good idea to keep bunded fuel tanks in the boot of your vehicle, especially when you are about to embark for a long journey. In case your vehicle's fuel exhausts in the middle of the highway, and there are no petrol pumps in the vicinity, you can fill your car's petrol tank with petrol stored in bunded fuel tanks.