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Networx Automotive was formed in 1989 and we pride ourselves on being the UK's foremost supplier of radar, laser and GPS based 'speed trap detectors'.

New Road Angel

Micro Road Pilot GPS speed camera detector
Micro RoadPilot is the smallest and least intrusive of all the GPS based speed trap locators. Its large LCD screen, simple one button operation and innovative laser sensor make it a winner.       more...

Origin B2 GPS speed camera detector

"The b2 feels like the future...It's the winner"
AUTOCAR Detector Test - May 28th 2003

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Snooper S4 neo speed camera detector
The Snooper S4 Safety Alert System is designed to reduce road accidents and keep you safe. Using the latest GPS technology, it pinpoints your exact location and warns that you are to encounter a safety camera or hazardous stretch of road up to 1000 metres away.
find out more...

Navman iCN 630 Portable GPS Navigation system

Navman iCN 630
Transferable In-Car satellite navigation system with Smart-MAP digital navigation, mapping & route guidance software.
price £999.00 more...

Valentine One 1 radar / laser detector detectors Uk, uk edition

Valentine One G2
Re-Designed, Re-Engineered, Re-Born. The new improved Valentine One Generation 2. Valentine make the world's best radar detectors.
price £599.95 more...

Morpheous Road Pilot
Morpheous RoadPilot
The new state-of-the-art, deluxe GPS speed camera detector from the pioneers of GPS detection.

Price £495.00
VDO Dayton Ms 5500 XL
State-of-the-art DVD based satellite navigation system featuring high-end 7" 16.9 ratio colour display, voice guidance and easy to use remote control.
price £1799.00 more...  

Beltronics Bel euro 550 radar / laser detector detectorsBel Euro 550
Best selling radar & laser detector from Beltronics.

K40 Defuser Plus Laser Jammer K40 Defuser Plus
The ultimate defence against laser based speed traps...

price £299.95

escort Passport Solo S2 cordless detectorPassport Solo S2
The new Passport Solo S2 from Escort is the world's leading cordless radar and laser detector.
price £329.95

Snooper S6-R NeoSnooper S6-R Neo
Combines radar&laser detection with GPS technology.
our price£499.95

Used + Ex Demo Products
Save money, why not pick-up a used or ex-demo detector at a bargain price.
prices from £190.00 more...

Laser Alert detector for Road AngelLaser Alert
Stand-alone laser speed trap detector from Blackspot.
Price £99.95

Valentine One UpgradeValentine One G2 Upgrade Upgrade your original V1 detector to the new Generation 2 specification.
price £269.95
Passport G Timer
Passport G Timer

Vehicle Performance Computer.

Price from £199.95

Laser Alert detector for Road Angel Laser Alert Upgrade
Upgrade your Road Angel to cope with mobile laser traps.
Price £39.95

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Navman iCN620 :: Deluxe GPS Street level Navigation

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