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K40 Defuser Plus Laser jammer

K40 Defuser Plus £299.95

K40 Defuser Plus Laser Jammer

  • Compatible with all vehicle types
  • Effective against ALL laser traps
  • Audible and visual warnings
  • Discreet, permanent installation
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With the K40 DefuserPlus you'll drive knowing the most sophisticated anti-laser technology is constantly detecting and protecting you. Every time you drive...

DefuserPlus sends out a continuous signal that cuts you out of the picture. You'll avoid detection and deactivate any police laser speed measurement system being used against you.

Simultaneously, DefuserPlus signals you with audible and visual warnings, giving you the time to react and reduce your speed.

DefuserPlus can be used on its own or in conjunction with a radar/laser detector, as part of a complete protection system.

DefuserPlus Installation

DefuserPlus uses an out-of-sight sensor/defuser mounted in the grille area of the vehicle. Installation can be carried out by any competent auto-electrician, alternatively ask for details of our own installation service.

K40 Defuser Plus Laser Jammer

"The test was carried out in three vehicles: a Caterham Seven, Subura Impreza & Subura Forester. We wanted to see if vehicle size was a factor in 'jamming' the signal. Our test was carried out at 40 mph and 60 mph, in wet and dry conditions. Then, an extra run was done with main beam headlamps on to see if that had any effect on the results. The results were startling, both 'jammers' worked well. During the first tests, carried out in the rain against the ProLaser II, we had not told the police officers supervising us that we had switched the jammers on. Until we confessed, they were completely baffled as to why they couldn't get a speed reading. Inside the car, both jammers gave visual and audible warnings to the driver. We were able to subtly slow down before we passed the officers. In the dry, the laser guns did get a speed reading, but only after an on-board alarm had sounded and we had squeezed the brakes. The most shocking result came during an 80mph test using the ProLaser gun. We jammed it using both the Lidatek and the Defuser devices, from what the police told us was a normal distance for roadside traps. By the time the gun clocked our speed we had slowed to only 14mph. The size of vehicle made no difference to the results. Neither did the fact that headlamps were on."

K40 Defuser Plus Laser Jammer

"The Defuser worked astonishingly well. During the first test in the rain we hadn't told Sgt Bulman that the device was switched on and at first he was totally flummoxed as to why the Pro Laser gun was unable to register a speed. Inside the car the Defuser gave visual and audible warnings to allow us to slow subtly before we passed the officers and at a speed that wouldn't raise suspicion."

K40 Defuser Plus Laser Jammer

So undetectable, even thieves can't find it There are no dangling wires, no bulky black boxes and no enticing components in sight. DefuserPlus is difficult to detect from inside or out.

One small LED light mounted in the interior of your vehicle is all you'll see; a miniature speaker for the audible alarm is installed completely out of sight. The LED lights and the alarm sounds when your car is started to let you know it's monitoring the road ahead, then reactivates only when you've been zapped.

DefuserPlus Question and Answers

(Q) How does the DefuserPlus™ jam a laser gun?

(A) By emitting infrared light that is on the same frequency as the laser gun.

(Q) Where is DefuserPlus™ mounted?

(A) The defuser unit is mounted behind the vehicle's grille while an LED and audio speaker are positioned discreetly in the cabin.

(Q) How will I know it is working?

(A) DefuserPlus™ has a self-test function that is activated each time you turn the ignition key.

(Q) Is there any maintenance?

(A) Simply wipe the lens with a soft, damp cloth once a month.

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