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Micro Road Pilot £399.95 (inc. VAT)

Micro Road Pilot
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Micro Road Pilot £399.95
or 4 x monthly payments of £99.99
(Please call 0870 350 1345 for details)

A custom installation service is available for this product.

What we think...

"Micro Road Pilot is the smallest and least intrusive of all the GPS based speed trap locators. Its large LCD screen, no-nonsense user interface and innovative in-car or remotely mounted laser sensor, makes the MRP an excellent choice.

Micro RoadPilot is the world's smallest GPS-based speed camera and accident blackspot location system.

Micro RoadPilot comes fully loaded with its operating system and database of speed limits, speed traps and accident blackspots."

One touch operation

With the Micro's single button control system, operation couldn't be easier. A single press will scroll through various pages of vital information and also enables the user to select volume, backlight and other operating parameters. Or simply just use the factory default settings, which will suit most people.

Using Micro RoadPilot

When driving on an unrestricted road within the national speed limit, Micro RoadPilot displays your vehicles speed (thanks to GPS technology this will normally be more accurate than your car speedometer) and your compass heading to the nearest 45° (i.e. SE, NW etc.).

If you then exceed the limit at any time, your Micro RoadPilot will:

  • Indicate the speed limit of the road on which you are travelling.
  • Display the speed of your vehicle.
  • Display the approximate distance to the approaching speed camera.


  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Large (1.8") crystal clear LCD display
  • Pinpoint accuracy of fixed speed camera locations
  • LaserPilot laser sensor for detection of mobile laser speed traps
    Micro RoadPilot's Laser Pilot
    Micro RoadPilot's Laser Pilot
  • Alerts for all speed camera types plus accident blackspots
  • Simple installation - can be moved from vehicle to vehicle
  • Directional and speed sensitive
  • No false alerts

Despite its compact size, Micro RoadPilot boasts a large 1.8 inch (diagonal) LCD display.

Removable face

Micro RoadPilot has an ingenious swivel-mounting arm, two types are supplied as standard, either straight or right-angled for quick and easy installation. When not in use simply slide the display off the bracket.


Extremely accurate display of speed and compass heading. Speed and range are user selectable (km or mph).

Shows speed limit around hazard area and countdown range. Only alarms if you are exceeding the limit.
Camera range

Depicting range (in miles, yards or metres) and the arrow indicates the approximate bearing of the nearest camera.
Compass heading

Indicates vehicles speed & rotating compass "heading up" display according to direction of travel.
Rescue ME™

Shows your positional information, which can be used to inform emergency services of your exact location.
Satellite status

Providing a visual indication of the number of satellites received and relative signal strength.
Time & Date

Micro RoadPilot's GPS receiver receives extremely accurate information from an "atomic clock" providing precise time and showing the date.
Trip computer

Illustrates odometer and trip mileage in miles or kilometres (user selectable).
Audible Alerts
Micro RoadPilot's speaker delivers loud audible warnings of speed traps and accident blackspots.


Micro RoadPilot Database Updating

When you receive your Micro RoadPilot it will be factory pre-programmed with the latest data on posted speed limits in the vicinity of fixed camera sites and accident black spots.

Keeping this information up to date is important yet extremely simple. Just slide your Micro RoadPilot into its desktop interface and connect to the internet, you will receive the latest information in a matter of moments. This service includes future software enhancements and is free for the first six months, subsequent years charged at £50.00.


In order to update Micro RoadPilot's speed camera database, you will require a PC with USB connector, running Windows 98 or above and Internet Explorer 5.0 or above.

Micro RoadPilot is currently not compatible with Apple Macintosh computers.

Micro Road Pilot £399.95
or 4 x monthly payments of £99.99
(Please call 0870 350 1345 for details)

A custom installation service is available for this product.

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