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Morpheous Geodesy Plus £320.00

Morpheous Geodesy Plus Speed camera detector

Morpheous Geodesy GPS Speed camera detector

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Geodesy Plus is a revolutionary new device that is capable of identifying the location of fixed radar, laser and even Digital speed trap systems, including previously 'undetectable' infrared camera systems such as SPECS and TRUVELO.

Geodesy Plus uses a unique GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver and an extensive database of fixed speed trap and accident blackspot locations, to provide the driver with advance notification that he is nearing a speed trap area. Warnings are provided by a series of audible tones and illuminated LED's on a display designed to attract the user's attention regardless of the ambient light conditions.

Geodesy Plus boasts a comprehensive library of confirmed speed trap sites (updated daily) and the ability to regularly download updated site information via the modem link supplied.

Geodesy Plus is dashboard mounted or can be positioned below dash level by adding the optional GPS Antenna.

Geodesy Plus is the perfect companion for a traditional radar/laser detector because it is capable of detecting the things a detector can't, namely DIGITAL systems like SPECS and Truvelo. These speed trap devices do not transmit a signal and are therefore undetectable by a conventional radar/laser detector.

  • Speed Sensitivity
  • Auto Ranging
  • Awareness Beep
  • Powerful GPS Receiver - accurate to within 17 metres
  • Car and Motorcycle compatibility
  • Extensive Database of Speed Trap Locations
  • Location Updates via Modem Link (supplied)
  • User Definable Warning Range - (from 15 yards - 15 miles)
  • Audible and Visual Warnings
  • Water, Shock and Vibration Resistant
  • No False Alarms
  • 100% Portable
  • Auto Dimming Display for Night Time Use
  • Extensive Range of Programmable Features:
    - The options are almost limitless, simply call Geodesy Technical Support to change anything from detection range or display colour. Quick and easy removal from mounting bracket. No set-up required, remove from box and use. Full Accessories Pack Included.

Morpheous Geodesy Plus Speed camera detector

Each Geodesy Plus system comes complete with its own Desktop Modem Interface.

For the cost of a normal telephone call, the user can dial into Morpheous HQ at any time and update Geodesy Plus with the very latest speed trap location information. The Geodesy database is maintained and updated on a daily basis, allowing Geodesy Plus to keep track of new speed trap sites and movements of existing traps (such as those found in roadworks).

Placing the Geodesy Plus into this Desktop Interface instructs the unit to dial up and connect automatically to Morpheous HQ. This allows the Geodesy Plus to remotely synchronise data adding new speed traps locations and removing locations of inactive sites, as well as informing the Morpheous database of new speed trap sites stored by the user. Update times are around a minute.

Location updating is free for one year, and charged at £30 p.a. thereafter.

  • 1. Satellite communication indicator.
  • 2. Power indicator.
  • 3. 1/10th of the distance from location.
  • 4. 2/10th of the distance from location.
  • 5. 3/10th of the distance from location.
  • 6. 1-10 full red indicates speed camera locations.
  • 7. Report button for storing new speed trap locations.
  • 8. Audio alarm mute button.
  • 9. Designer GPS engine.
  • 10. Tough, weather resistant casing.
  • 11. Built-in database.
  • 12. GPS antenna with state-of-the-art GPS receiver.

"Anything that helps reduce casualties on our roads is clearly worth supporting..." Bedfordshire Police

"The box that knows all the hot spots"
Auto Express 2000

"A satellite detection system which beeps when you're approaching a Gatso camera is now available from a company called Morpheous®. They will even send you free updates as new cameras are erected. It sounds pricey at £380 but consider this. A girl I know has just been quoted £1,100 for a year's comprehensive cover of a 1.6 Ford Focus. If she didn't have a speeding conviction it would have been £700. All of a sudden, £380 sounds like the best value in the world." Jeremy Clarkson, The Sun

"When we tested it, it didn't miss a single fixed camera site. The unit proved easy to use and a bit more stealthy than most bells-and-whistles detectors. In these times of reduced manpower, cameras make more and more sense to police forces. Which makes the case for the Geodesy even stronger." Evo

"Got to be the best thing you can get to protect yourself!" Quentin Wilson

"The Geodesy has lived up to all your claims and having it in the car gives me an added sense of confidence and security when out on the roads." Sir Stirling Moss

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