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Navman iCN 630 - £799.00 including VAT
or 4 x monthly payments of £199.75
(Please call 0870 350 1345 for details)

Exceptional quality combined with mobility. The Navman iCN 630 provides the ultimate portable in-car navigation experience. Its ultra-sharp colour screen displays maps with unprecedented clarity. Its library covers every road, every city and every village in Western Europe. Its portability allows you to enjoy its benefits in any vehicle, at any time.

Exceptionally easy to use. Plug it in, enter your destination and listen. The iCN 630 gives you precise, voice turn-by-turn instructions throughout your journey. It indicates which lane to get into when approaching difficult intersections, such as motorway entrances and large roundabouts.

Arrive on time. For difficult to find locations, the iCN 630 is the perfect choice for anyone serious about driving. With absolutely no training, a driver will save hours and arrive on time. Simply enter a postal address using house number, street name or even road intersection.

Advanced colour display. The Navman iCN 630 features a state-of-the-art 3.8" TFT colour screen. With its automatic map-zooming feature, it changes the map display dynamically according to your driving speed, so that the user always has maps displayed at the correct scale and perspective.

Use it anywhere in the world. The iCN 630 comes as standard with road and street level maps of all major Western European countries. In addition, maps for the USA, Canada and Australia are available as an option. Combine this with its Points of Interest, which appear on screen as you drive close by - petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, airports... - and its Back-on-Track™ feature, which automatically recalculates and displays a new route when off course, and you have the means to find your way and enjoy your journey in just about any country in the world.

With the Navman iCN 630's rugged design and proven reliability, it will quickly become an indispensable driving aid that will provide years of service.

  • Transferable
    Use your iCN 630 from vehicle to vehicle.
  • Quality
    High definition automotive LCD screen housed in a magnesium alloy casing.
  • Voice
    Male or female, turn-by-turn voice instructions.
  • Simple
    Keyboard driven menu system for easy mobile use.
  • Style
    Day and night screen display with multiple map style options.
  • Display
    Variable map and navigation screens allowing you to choose your preferred method. Map Display only, Map and Navigation Instructions or Key Instructions display screen only.
  • Navigate and Arrive
    By an address, a street name, an intersection or to a point of interest selected from the map database.
  • Routing
    Automatic calculation of any route to bring you Back-On-Track fast if you take the wrong turn.
  • Visual Guidance
    Automatic zooming when driving with overlay arrows, showing the exact turn to take when you approach a junction or a roundabout.
  • Menu
    Edit Destination menu to navigate to your Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant etc... without having to enter the same details over and over again.
  • Maps
    Full colour map display showing street level road details, parks, lakes and rivers.


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