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Passport G-Timer
Vehicle Performance Computers

Passport G-Timer GT1
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Passport G-Timer GT2
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Passport G-Timer

Passport G-Timer GT2
Mount on windscreen, simply plug in and go.
User-friendly, no manual needed.
Unique remote control power cord. (GT2 model)
Ultra-bright Vacuum-Fluorescent
Text/Graphic display. (GT2 model)
Passport G-Timer GT2
Tracks acceleration times and speeds, including 0-60 and quarter mile times.
Calculates peak horsepower.
Displays acceleration, cornering, and braking G-forces, including friction circle.
Passport G-Timer GT2
Stores ten runs in memory.
Shows "best runs to date".
Download data to PC, laptop, or PDA. (GT2 model)
Passport G-Timer GT2
GT1 has LCD display.
GT2 has ultra-bright display and the addition of download facilty and convenient remote control.

A high-performance car. A high-performance driver.
Until now, to accurately measure performance you've needed equipment that costs thousands of pounds. Now there's an easy, accurate and affordable way to measure true performance: the new Passport G-Timer.

Requires No Installation
The Passport G-Timer requires no installation. Just attach it to your windscreen, plug it into the lighter socket and go. It's that simple.

One Button Operation
Intuitive one button operation makes the G-Timer incredibly easy. Just press the "calibrate" button and it's automatically calibrated. You're ready to perform.

Amazing Accuracy
The G-Timer measures acceleration times, braking, G-forces and horsepower with absolute precision.

G-Timer Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new G-Timer products?
The G-Timer Vehicle Performance Computers evaluate your vehicle's performance by measuring its acceleration, horsepower, cornering and braking forces.

What exactly do the G-Timers do?

The products have two basic modes:
In the "Timed Run" mode, the G-Timers measure your vehicle's acceleration and braking forces during a brief timed run, and calculate acceleration times (including 0 to 60 mph times, quarter mile times and speeds, and 60 to 0 braking time and distance). After you make a one-time setup with your car's weight, the unit can also calculate horsepower. In the "G-Meter" mode, the G-Timers continuously measure and display the acceleration, braking, and cornering forces your car is producing.

Why would I want one?

The G-Timers provide an easy, fun, accurate way to measure your car's performance. If you tune or modify your car, the G-Timers let you measure how much your vehicle's performance and horsepower have changed. For drag race, autocross, track day or road race enthusiasts, the G-Timers can measure your vehicle's performance as you change components, set-up, or driving styles.

Are G-Timers difficult to operate?

No, G-Timers are very intuitive, making them simple to use. For a timed run, just press the "Start" button, then accelerate whenever you are ready. At the end of your run, the results are shown automatically. For the G-Meter mode, just press the "G-Meter" button.

How do G-Timers work?

How hard are they to install? They work by sensing the acceleration forces, using miniature internal solid-state sensors. There is no connection with your car's speedometer. No installation is required. The G-Timers simply plug into your vehicle's lighter socket, and mount to the windscreen with the included suction cup mount.

What is the difference between the two models?

The G-Timer GT1 sells for £199.95, and offers a complete set of performance screens. It has a 32-character backlit LCD display, and saves the most recent timed run in memory.

The G-Timer GT2 sells for £279.95. It has an ultra bright blue vacuum fluorescent graphics display that adds additional options for displaying G-Meter information. It stores 10 runs in internal memory, and has the capability of downloading data to your laptop, Palm, or PC. It also includes a "remote control" power cord that lets you select modes and start timed runs without having to reach the buttons on the main unit.

Both G-Timers measure 5.5" W x 1.7" H x 1.4" D.

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