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Snooper S6-R Neo Radar, Laser and GPS Detector by Snooper

Snooper S6-R Neo £499.95

Snooper S6-R Neo Radar, Laser and GPS Detector by Snooper
  • Detection of All Fixed Cameras
  • Extensive UK Camera database
  • Database of Accident Hotspots
  • Comprehensive Accessory Pack
  • Full 360° radar and laser coverage
  • Full Logic Menu & LCD Display
  • Speed Limit Alert
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
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Ultilising the very latest Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) and radar/laser technology, Snooper have created the S6-R neo, an Industry First and the Ultimate Driving Aid.

The Snooper S6-R neo has been specially designed to help you drive safely within the confines of todays speed limits, by alerting you quickly and easily to the presence of Police speed traps, often located at Accident Blackspots, electronically indicating potentially dangerous and hazardous situations.

The geographical co-ordinates of all 'fixed' speed monitoring systems and many officially designated accident 'hotspots' have been stored on a database that is constantly monitored and up-dated by our team of data collectors, ensuring that you are alerted to every potentially hazardous stretch of road or danger spot. The S6-R comes complete with a highly innovative built-in modem so that you can simply plug the device into any compatible telephone socket and download* the database in a matter of minutes. To ensure that your S6-R is always effective, downloads* can be performed as often as the user prefers. The Snooper S6-R then compares your position using the GPS antenna included, with the position of every known fixed speed monitoring system and accident 'hotspot' alerting you both audibly and visualy via a speaker and LCD display ensuring your highest concentration at all times.

The information that the S6-R can give is further enhanced by many user selectable features. The LCD display can be programmed simply and easily through a Full Logic menu system to show your current speed, direction of travel and the speed limit and road number or name at each and every location detected (Except those detected purely by radar or laser).

The Snooper S6-R is also equipped with a user selectable speed limit alert system so that the device can be programmed to alert you to any pre-determined speed you choose. Acting as a constant reminder of the current speed limit.

The Snooper S6-R also comes complete with a radar/laser detector (RLD) that can either be mounted on the dashboard or inside of the windscreen. The S6-R radar/laser detector however is also waterproof and comes complete with an under bonnet mounting kit so that it can be positioned within the engine compartment behind the vehicles grille for a neat and professional installation. The S6-R RLD has been designed to detect all types of radar and laser speed monitoring systems often used in danger spots where 'Fixed' systems cannot be easily utilsed, thus ensuring that you will be made alert to nearly every speed monitoring system and accident hotspot whether Fixed or Mobile.

Detection of radar and laser is also selectable so that the device can be programmed to detect radar and laser, laser only or can even be turned off in low risk areas.

S6 GPS - H72mm x W114mm x D46mm
GPS Extention antenna - H13mm x W40mm x D48mm
S6 RLD Radar/laser antenna - H39mm x W77mm x D104m

*The download facility is subject to an annual service charge.

Modular Safety Alert System with GPS and radar/laser technology The Ultimate Driving Aid

  • Detection of all fixed speed monitoring systems and accident hotspots via our comprehensive database
  • Speed limit and road number or name at location of accident hotspot or speed monitoring system
  • Memory retention of preferred features
  • Detection of all radar and laser speed monitoring systems
  • 'Easy fit' dash board or under-bonnet mounting systems
  • Full Logic menu and LCD display Speed Limit Alert
  • 2 Years manufacturer's warranty
  • Digital Safety Cameras
  • Truvello Safety Cameras
  • SPECS Camera Systems
  • Radar & Laser Guns
  • Digital Cameras
  • Accident Hotspots
  • All Fixed and Mobile speed monitoring system

The Snooper S6-R is a modular system and includes three seperate components including a GPS antenna, radar/laser detector and the S6-R control panel to ensure a number of easy fitting options in any vehicle as well as on most motorcycles. The S6-R has been designed to ensure a professional installation but also designed so that it can easily be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

The S6-R comes complete with a selection of brackets for installation including two suction cup brackets for mounting both the control panel and the RLD in the windscreen, plus an under-bonnet fitting kit for installation of the RLD behind the vehicle's grille if preferred and a specially devised mounting system enabling the control panel to be mounted almost anywhere around the vehicle's centre console or dashboard.

The GPS antenna can be attached to either the vehicles dashboard or rear parcel shelf with a simple velcro fastner. An additional bracket for mounting the S6-R control panel, specific for each vehicle, is also available separately as well as an ear-piece for transferring the audible alert directly to the inside of your helmet for motorcycle use.

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