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As part of our successful upgrade programme, Networx Automotive customers are given the opportunity to trade-in their existing detection system against any of the six models in our current range.

The table below details the upgrade value we allow for your current detector, if your detector model is not listed please call us on 0870 350 1345 for an up-to-date valuation.

The six models you can upgrade to are listed (below together with their prices. To find the upgrade price simply deduct the upgrade value of your current system from the price of the new model you wish to purchase (see example below).

For Example
Current Model... Value
Beltronics Euro 550 £200.00
Upgrading to... Value
Origin b2 £429.95
Balance to pay: £229.95
N.B. A £6.00 delivery charge applies to all upgrades.

Valentine One £250.00
Origin b2 £250.00
Snooper S6R neo £200.00
Snooper S4 neo £190.00
Road Angel £180.00
Beltronics Euro 550 £180.00
Origin Blue i £150.00
Beltronics Euro 330 £130.00
Beltronics 990 International £130.00
Morpheous Geodesy £130.00
Beltronics 815/915 £150.00
Beltronics 980 £100.00
Snooper S5 £130.00
Beltronics Vector LR £100.00
Bel Vector STi Europa £100.00
Roadnet EU 500/ Roadie £100.00
Beltronics 855STi £80.00
Beltronics 870/820 £80.00
Beltronics 945i/846i £60.00
Whistler 1595SE/2900ESE £60.00
Whistler 3300 £60.00
Whistler 1490/1495SE/1580 £60.00
Whistler 2270/2290 £60.00
Bel 645/745/840i/615STi £60.00
Uniden LRD 6399/6499SWS £60.00
Escort Solo 4 /Cobra 6000 £60.00
Uniden LRD 2200/2300SW £60.00
Bel Express 3 Cordless £60.00
Uniden LRD 9900SW £60.00
Uniden LRD 6199/6299 £60.00
Uniden LRD 2150SW £60.00
Uniden LRD 9000W/9100SW £60.00
Uniden LRD 2000/2100W £60.00
Uniden RD 7000W £60.00
Uniden RD 6000W £60.00
Whistler 945/925 £60.00
Uniden RD 3000/3100S £60.00
Uniden RD 3XL/4XL £60.00

How to upgrade

To upgrade by post simply return your old detector to the address below, together with trade-in-balance. On receipt we will dispatch your new system.

Networx Automotive,
P.O Box 8812
South Lanarkshire
ML11 9YQ

Alternatively call our orderline on 0870 350 1345 to arrange for an upgrade by telephone. This is the quickest method!

N.B. A £6.00 delivery charge applies to all upgrades.
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